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    It doesn't matter what size you are- just buy jeans that fit, please!

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    Welcome To Walmart. Please Show Us Your Butt. No Pants? No Problem! - LOOKS LIKE A YOUNG GIRL. WHERE'S HER MOTHER.

    Asses come in all shapes and sizes. And some look like this.

    What The Heck is This Guy Wearing??? -or could this be a woman?

    People Of Walmart


    No one seems to notice because they probably see this kind of stuff every day...

    Isn't her ass facing the wrong direction?

    doesn't she feel that breeze?! seriously?! come on!!!

    On her way to Wal-Mart


    ...a Walmart shopper

    I'm dressing entirely too fancy for Walmart. Next time, I'm wearing one of these!

    Damnit....Just Damnit! LOL!

    Things People Wear in Walmart. - Funny Pictures at Walmart--she definitely likes to Roche the purple. Wow!

    The reason why I don't wear skinny jeans Find Funny things to Pin here:

    It’s time once again for America’s favorite game Who Wears It Better: Mullet Accessory Edition. So who ya got folks, the tank and gloves or the classic camo approach?

    Crazy Raccoon Lady hits this years runway with the, "I'm wearing a wig that has never been brushed," look...

    i hate when that happens.

    Meanwhile at walmart... If I seen this at work I would probably pee my pants laughing. I cracked up when I looked at it! TO FUNNY

    Meanwhile in Walmart