POLYMER CLAY Tutorial Part 1 by *GrandmaThunderpants on deviantART

This is part one of a big informative series I& doing on polymer clay and clay goodies! THINGS I WILL COVER: Part One- Clay Basics [ you& looking at it ] Part Two - Basic Equipment (still to com.

Kiwi cane by Blue Marguerite

Bare Skeleton of a Kiwi Cane Tutorial - Illustrated, but no description of steps. (Will update with a better cane tutorial when I find one)

this is an italian tutorial to make super-mini-FrenchMacaroons out of polymer clay! I hope that the images speaks for themselves, but I can translate it if you& in doubt with anything. my tu.

Polymer Clay Pie Tutorial PART 1 by Colour-Splashes.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Part 2 of pie tutorial. Feedback is very much appreciated! If anything is confusing or worded poorly please let me know! Polymer Clay Pie Tutorial PART 2

I like the fact she added a tea bag. details details....Tea Time by ~thinkpastel on deviantART

green and white teapot polymer clay and acrylic paint - need to make this for Chris as a necklace