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    The literal translation of the French words Tete de Moine is "Monk Head". Although this fine Swiss cheese was first created by monks, it is now produced by the lay community. Tete de Moine, made in the Swiss Alps near Bellelay from rich, unpasteurized cows' milk, is a sharp cheese with a full, nutty flavor.

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NEW. Arzúa Ulloa is a creamy, mild cheese handmade in the green countryside of Galicia. This farmhouse cheese is popular across the region for its fresh, rich flavor. We love to serve this cheese on thin crackers with a fresh, young white wine. It also melts beautifully and is perfect for canapés, or stuffed in roasted peppers.

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Maytag Blue cheese is a hand made cow's milk cheese from Newton Iowa. Maytag is the most celebrated Blue cheese made in America, and has joined the ranks of one of the best in the world. Maytag farmers were some of the first to feel the uthentically small town, hand wrapped piece of art.

The story of Stichelton is one of returning to the roots of British cheese making, but still ending up with something modern and unique. English Blue Stilton is a name controlled cheese, and it must be made with pasteurized milk by law.

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