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Good prayer for husbands

Praying for my little one...

Praying for My Husband...More at

10 ways to love/Very True!

A prayer that every husband and wife should live by

Husband-loving: good ideas!!!


50 things to do together

Pray for your husband

Pray for your future husband... He needs your love now, even if you've never met him! Not only do I pray this for my future husband but I also pray that I strengthen my relationship with God in all these ways as well!

A prayer you can pray for your son.

Free “a prayer for my children” printable! This prayer is based on Colossians 1:9-11 and is a beautiful prayer of blessing and empowerment for your children. Frame it and hang it in your family room, child's room or playroom. Or, attach it to a spiral notebook cover and use it as your family prayer journal.

Usually, a husband who has a pleasant wife is a husband who desires to give her the world... Great advice, every word

So don't ever think for one moment in your life that God can't use you.

pray for your husband

a parents prayer

I love my husband so completely