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  • An Envelope Of Nifty Things

    And here, does he grab you and hold you? So close to the light of day, but just in the shadows... The sea breeze cool against your skin as he draws his fingers slowly across your chest...

  • locket luxe

    passageway to the sea - isle of crete, greece I want to travel with Gerald, this will be the first place!

  • Thrive on the Basics

    Isle of Crete, Greece Walk out your door and there is the ocean, go fishing and swimming, hear the waves all night, my kind of place.

  • Sylvie Grimes

    Passageway to the Sea, Isle of Crete, Greece. Beautiful. And behind the other door? Mmm?

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Bougainvillea, Isle of Crete, Greece. So pretty and must add to my list.

Seaside Village, Isle of Crete, Greece

Ancient Greek street. This looks like it was once a defensive wall, and now it's been opened as the city has expanded, so people can pass through from old city to new. I love that circular window.

Greece, Santorini. Bautiful Santorini :) Got some pictures here bisszumendederwel...

Passage To The Sea, Isle Of Crete, Greece

Blue Sea, Isle of Crete, Greece photo via everythingfab

Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

One of my ultimate destinations; The Isle of Crete, Greece

It would be extremely cool and fun to swim and boat there~~Blue waters, blue boat~~blue sky~~blue memory~~