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    Not sometimes, ALWAYS! The best revenge is living well!



    She doesn't forget.

    Love this--very true!

    well said // yummy :)

    Live life well.

    words to live by

    And revenge is pointless. That means you're living for whomever hurt you and not for yourself. Waste of life.

    live it.

    This is my mantra. Haters gonna hate, but I win. I always take the high road, don't like drama, and believe in the golden rule. So over the years when someone goes against me, knowing I do the right thing, I will not lose. It might take longer than I would like, but I bury anyone who goes against me. My name, my family, my reputation will always be restored. It's like my husband says, do the right thing and ultimately the cream always rises to the top! Love this.

    ..nothing trumps AWESOME!!! Awesome moments, awesome friends, awesome BE AWESOME, you never know who's day you'll make!!! ❤️😜

    "laugh as much as you breath and love as long as you live'' ~ ralph waldo emerson

    Words to live by

    Well said.

    words to live by.

    woah. deep.

    live accordingly

    all will be well