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    smoothie packs - DIY breakfast smoothie

    • Kelsey Cannady

      Making pre made smoothie packs for the freezer. Freeze yogurt in muffin tins, take it out, pop them out, and put in a bag with frozen fruit. You can use fresh fruit, but once you chop it you will need to lay them flat on a sheet to freeze separately so they don't all stick together. Cheap and easy in the mornings for a smoothie fix

    • Tammy Purcell

      DIY Smoothie Packs. I love smoothies, but with them going for 5+ a pop, it's not something I will allow myself to buy often. Insert this quick smoothie recipe and I can have a smoothie anytime I like in a matter of minutes!

    • Sandi King-Gault

      Lacey in Love: DIY Smoothie Packs Freeze 1 T yogurt in mini muffin tin. Cut and freeze fruit. Add a cup and half of fruit for each bag and 3 yogurt cubes. Empty a bag into the blender and add milk or juice. Super easy smoothie to go. Try to add a little oatmeal, flax seeds, or wheat grass next time to pump it up

    • Sarah Clarke

      DIY Smoothie Packs: to modify- #1) sub greek yogurt for more protein #2) sub almond milk or coconut milk in the mini muffin tins as a dairy replacement

    • SuSu Loo

      DIY Smoothie Packs- great for super quick smoothie making. Made too many and they turned to mush in my crsppy freezer.

    • Madison Rydstrom

      DIY Smoothie Packs... such a good idea and way cheaper then buying the prepackaged frozen smoothie kits!

    • Jessica Pence

      make ahead smoothie "packs" for a quick smoothie

    • Candice Karper

      DIY Smoothie Packs - Pre-made frozen smoothies

    • Crystal Klier-Crosby

      DIY Smoothie Packs The inspiration for this came via pinterest, my newest obsession. I somehow managed to hold off on joining for quite some time and then finally caved a few weeks ago. I'm HOOKED now! {follow me here!} I love smoothies, but with them going for $5+ a pop, it's not something I will allow myself to buy often. Insert this quick smoothie recipe and I can have a smoothie anytime I like in a matter of minutes! Here are my ingredients ready for prep. I bought pre-frozen strawberries and blueberries because it was a better deal than buying fresh and freezing myself. Also, the strawberries were already sliced so it saves me a little time! I chose weight watchers vanilla yogurt because, again, it was the best deal. [Also chose to use a magic bullet instead of a big blender b/c a) they are awesome and b)less to clean!] First I measured 1tbsp scoops of yogurt into a mini muffin tin. I didn't level it off, considering some of the yogurt was going to stick in the measuring cup. Once they were filled, I froze them. [the recipe I found on pinterest used ice trays, but I didn't have any of those on hand so I improvised.] Next I got to chopping my fresh fruit! And then arranged them on a silpat mat and popped it in my freezer![You could use a baking sheet if you don't have a silpat! I just chose something that would fit in my freezer & the fact that i could just roll all of the frozen fruit off when I was finished was a plus!] You want your fruit to be pre frozen before you combine them so that they don' freeze together in the packs. A few hours later when everything was frozen, I layed everything out to prepare to bag my individual "smoothie mixes". If you use muffin tins like I did, let them sit out for a few minutes so they loosen up a bit, then use a spoon and they will pop out like ice cubes. [DON'T dip the bottom of the pan in warm water to loosen them up. I tried that(before i even bothered using a spoon) and they got melty really quick and i had to refreeze them!] I used just short of a cup and half of fruit for each bag and 3 yogurt cubes. After they are all bagged up, pop them in the freezer! Next time you want a smoothie, you're ready to go! Just add a little juice or milk and voila! I may try to add a little oatmeal or wheat grass next time to pump it up even more since I'm treating the smoothies as breakfast. I was able to make 8 smoothies with the amount of fruit I had. 1 bag of strawberries, 1 bag of blueberries, 3 bananas and 2 kiwis. My total cost was $11 including yogurt, which brings my total for each smoothie to a whopping $1.37 & averaging around 200ish calories. Lacey-1 Smoothie King-0

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    I'm pinning these again because they have seriously changed my life! I use mixed fruit, a whole lotta kale, oats, almonds, and almond milk. I make one every single morning because they are so good, and so good for you!

    potentially life changing idea- at least for me :)

    DIY Freezer Smoothie Packs and Recipes.

    Precook eggs for easy breakfast sandwiches. Crack an egg in each well of a muffin pan (use a little oil or butter if not a non-stick surface), add spinach (like shown) or just seasoning, cook at 350° for about 15 minutes. Keep in refrigerator for up to five days. Warm up in the morning, add to english muffin or toast, along with cheese if you want. Great back to school breakfast time saver!

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    Blend a whole weeks worth of smoothies. Freeze smoothies in a muffin tin. Throw a couple in a cup at night and let it defrost in the fridge - boom ready to go smoothie in the morning. From Fit Sugar SUCH A GOOD IDEA

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    (kids will love) Pancake Bites. Use your favorite pancake mix, pour into muffin tins, add fruit, nuts, sausage, bacon, chocolate chips, etc. Bake at 350 for 12-14 minutes. Awesome for school mornings. :)

    Pack up prepared veg & fruit into individual servings. Just grab from the freezer and throw it in the Vitamix with some liquid for a quick smoothie.

    make your own freezer packs for smoothies