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Black and white Angel's wing tattoo on back of body

The usual version of wing tattoos are where the wings are folded up against the shoulder blades but this is so much better.

I want this tattoo so bad!! Damn you teaching profession!!

Already got my wings but loved these!Re-pinned because whenever I feel like drawing wings I can't ever find good references. >.O Wing Tattoos - one on each shoulder maybe, but I can never find the design I like....

((OPEN RP written in his POV. I'm Fox)) I look around to see if I could find Fox, the party was crazy noisy and last time I saw her was at 1:30 when she was taking shots. She only drank when she was upset and I wanted to see if she was sober enough to talk. To be honest I wasn't sure if I was even sober enough to talk. I walk out to the back porch and see her sitting there, staring at the ground.

Tattoo. “You have to be brave with your life, so that other can be brave with theirs too.”

I'd like a set of angel wings like this, but closer together and it would have the words 'Faster than my angels can fly'. I'd like to think I live faster than my angels can fly

take these broken wings and learn to fly ok this is what I want but with little black birds @Tamara!