i may have done one or two of these!

The Classic Food Pyramid, the Weight Loss Trapezoid, and the Happiness Paper Hat. I can't even laugh. So true.

so accurate


that day in March

While I've never used a plastic bag I have used a bowl, mug, coffee cup, measuring cup, tupperware, mixing bowl, etc. etc. to eat cereal or ice cream :)

So true!


Dress for the job you want

Studying: | 33 Things Everyone Who Went To High School Will Understand ~ ~ #2-21, 24, 25, and 29-33 ARE SO ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE. (Although with 19, that can be hot...) And whomever had the book in #26...I just...XDDD Don't think I ever smelled weed in the hallway, though. o.O

Definitely a grown up :(

It is true

The really funny thing is that I have a chair in my room and I sit NEXT TO the chair. On the floor. With my back against the chair. I don't even know.

true story.

I love the feeling you get... when someone cancels plans that you didn't want to have in the first place. So true!

Oh the morons! Who could forget the morons?


:) I love winter because I don't look fat in warm clothes lol