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Turn favorite sayings into a necklace with mod podge and glass pebbles.

Monogram Necklaces

Paint a heart on the city you live in before you make it into a necklace!

One half is your fingerprint the other your husband's... With salt clay and silver paint. This is so awesome!

How to make a glass map (or any other image) necklace. I made some of these to give as gifts for my co-workers and had everyone want to order more. Just like the Creator of these says, she stopped selling them because she couldn't keep up with the custom orders!~!

Glass pebble + word/picture + Mod Podge = cute pendant

BRIDESMAID GIFTS Set of 3 Antique Skeleton Key Necklaces. Rustic Wedding Jewelry. Vintage Key Necklace with Flower and Bird. Garden Wedding.. $97.50, via | http://best-awesome-wedding-inspiration.blogspot.com

Cute photo necklaces!

Mod Podge neclace tutorial

Vintage Dictionary Necklaces One of my favorite crafts to do now. All you need is an old dictionary that contains the word you want, craft epoxy, beveled glass pendants (you can find them where you find glass pebbles and etc. in craft stores usually, a backing that you like (check the jewelry section of the craft store, and a chain that is the length you like. Put it all together and VIOLA, an amazing necklace!

Good to know for making or buying necklaces.

FINALLY! A tutorial on how to actually turned cracked marbles into a necklace!! Been looking for this.

Another pinner said this seemed easy - we'll see :-)

Mod Podge Dictionary Necklace

Cool idea : bake marbles and they become flat and look like these. These were made into necklaces

Thimble Pincushion Necklace Tutorial

DIY necklace, This is a must!!

Turn old beer bottles into shot glasses with this tutorial.

DIY Silhouette Necklace

Friendship style necklace

gives me many ideas