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  • Emily Butler

    Sci Fi children's books - I wish they were real! haha! They should've had the 10th doctor and Rose Tyler for the Doctor Who book.

  • Josh Humphrey

    SciFi remakes of children's books

  • Julie Fenton Shearer

    Scifi kids books

  • Kaley Sutton

    #drwho #drsuess #startrek #frogandtoad #battlestargalatica #berenstainbears #dune #goodnightmoon #starwars #theveryhungrycaterpillar You know, Papa Bear makes a surprisingly impressive Admiral Adama.

  • Morgan Wood

    Five Sci-Fi Children's Books- I like the Battlestar Galactica one

  • Anne Peng

    Sci-Fi Children's books #DoctorWho #StarTrek #BattlestarGalactica #Dune #StarWars

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