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I am now in that fandom. <--- Let's make everyone in this fandom!<<< I am in this fandom too now ! come join me

Is this a kissing book?? Ha! Love the princess bride! This kid always ruins the most romantic parts of the movie

my favorite part of the whole movie too!!

...and you KNOW that, for each line, you were reading it in that Character's voice!

This Princess Bride shirt features the Dread Pirate Roberts mustache, mask, and bandana as well as the quote

Some curiosities about The Princess Bride…

"There's a big difference than mostly dead, and all dead. Mostly dead, is slightly alive. With all dead, there's only one thing you can do...go through his pockets and look for loose change." :-)

Love this part. I was told that when Buttercup and Wesley had to fall down the hill it was stunt guys that did it for them....