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15 Unusual Prehistoric Creatures

Prehistoric Fish

Elasmotherium, a very large rhino-like creature that roamed the open steppes and grasslands of central Asia in prehistoric times.

1905 Prehistoric Animals Diplodocus by CabinetOfTreasures on Etsy.


Megalodon fossil tooth

"Giant insects ruled the prehistoric skies during periods when Earth's atmosphere was rich in oxygen. Then came the birds. After the evolution of birds about 150 million years ago, insects got smaller despite rising oxygen levels, according to a new study by scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz."

Crinoid Sea Lily Fossil (from PaleoDirect)

#The #Archelon is the largest sea turtle species ever discovered. It lived during a time when most of North America was covered by a shallow ocean, about 75-65 million years ago.

Alfons and Adrie Kennis

Cross a whale with a shark to get maybe something like Leviathan melvillei: a long-extinct, hypercarnivorous whale with teeth longer than any T. rex ever had.  It's a newly described sperm whale named to honor Herman Melville, author of Moby-Dick. It lived between 12 -13 million yrs ago (says Olivier Lambert) and is known only from remains of a jawbone & skull found in southern Peru, Nov '08. Researchers estimate that Leviathan measured between 44- 57 ft in length, slightly s...

Basilosaurus (ancient fresh-water whale)


Dunkleosteus and a Devonian Coelacanth

The 15 largest active predators ever.

Learn about the Jurassic-era creature that bridges the gap between dinosaurs and birds.

Rare & Extinct Creatures - Moa & Elephant Bird

A trilobite fossil minus the rock around it.

Strange animals of Life Before Dinosaurs (Permian Period) Dinogorgon Skull Photograph by Jonathan Blair A quarter of a billion years ago, long before dinosaurs or mammals evolved, the 10-foot (0.3-meter) predator Dinogorgon, whose skull is shown here, hunted floodplains in the heart of today's South Africa. In less than a million years Dinogorgon vanished in the greatest mass extinction ever, along with about nine of every ten plant and animal species on the planet.

Feathered Dinosaurs