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  • Adriana Farrugia

    Cherish the Magical people!

  • Jill Millovitsch

    The Neverending Story! This was one of my favorite movies growing up! Plus...Pooty looks JUST like Falcor when I push his ears back!!! LOL

  • DAMY Health

    This weeks "Love Jumpstart" is here. Check it out and pass the love along :) #love #motivation #inspiration #bliss

  • Pinty MacPinterson

    There are people we meet in life that make everything seem magical. Cherish them.

  • Emily Greene

    Neverending Story quotes | neverending story!

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"The NeverEnding Story" AKA "Die unendliche Geschichte" > 1984 > Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen > Adventure / Drama / Family / Children's / Family Fantasy / Fantasy Adventure

I think I had a bit of a crush on this kid when I was young. I seem to also remember watching this movie over and over. I'm now feeling the urge to pull it off the movie shelf and give it another watch...

The princess from the never ending story. This is pure joy to me right now . Always wanted to be her

My favorite movie when I was a kid. Don't care who knows it.

The Neverending Story

Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken Now Seems Ridiculously Weird on buzzfeed. one of my favorite movies of all time

The NeverEnding Story. The. Best. Movie. Ever. Shut up yes it is. Also - Best Theme Song. #kajagoogoo

The Neverending Story. - Again loved the idea of a book coming to life.

never ending story>>> a true definition of my childhood.

The Neverending Story, please tell me there were other people out there who repeatedly watched this as a child?