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bedroom -- colors, textures, simplicity, light, cozy #style #color

Hide the 2nd twin bed frame and mattress in plain sight by using it to behind the other twin - thus creating a daybed.

Nursery in the Jardines De Malaga, Spain A work with colours, patterns and texture to create a safe thrilling environment for children.

The beauty of colour here - Very soft and subtle colours all blended so nicely with drops of clear water on these tiny petals.

Colored lights. Did you know that the sum of all light colors results in white color? @La Tinta Aragonesa

Although pink is not really in a true rainbow...It's in my rainbow....

Rainbow Le Creuset! flour power by raccoonandlobster on Flickr

Hate purple but this would be a nice decorative color for a bookshelf, stand...etc

love the wall, flooring, and the couch. oh yeah, and the chandelier. scratch that. love everything. but want more art on the wall above the stairs.

Glamorous, Serious, Envious, Moody, Intellectual, Spiritual, Lovely, Passionate, Physical, Mellow, Benevolent, Neutral