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Star Trek Enterprise - D


Playmates Toys STAR TREK VOYAGER 9 inch collector series action figures for sale to buy 1998 SEVEN of NINE NEW - still factory sealed in the original package box size: 12" x 6" x 2.5" figure size: 9 i

star trek ship models for sale | Star Trek Ship Models - Imgur

Chuck's Stuff has this 1999 Star Trek Voyager promo poster for sale for a mere $8. Titled "Five Flights A Week/Are You a Voyager?" Sent to TV stations only. Nice heavy stock, 24x30", full main cast and ship pictured. Never hung. Has small zigzag printing wrinkle below and to right of R near the actors images, and couple very minor handling kinks. Nice black area at bottom for autographs. Also have 8x11" cards of this, 1 buck each. #startrek #startrekvoyager #sevenofnine #7of9

Chuck's Stuff has this 1976 Kelly Freas Star Trek "Officers of the Deck" art portfolio for sale for $20. Cover letter (pic on my site) is SIGNED by Freas, but no certificate. It was signed at a show way back then with the original owner. This is the smaller COPY version of the regular portfolio, done by a show promoter back then, so prints are 8x11". You get Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura. #startrek #kellyfreas

Chuck's Stuff has 2 of these Star Trek Deep Space Nine/Next Generation issue 1 of 4 part comic book mini-series for sale at $5 each. Picard & Sisko cover painting. SIGNED by artist Sonia R. Hillios. Signature guaranteed genuine, but no certificate. Near Mint. I have some of her original Star Trek paintings for sale on my Star Trek Paintings board, check it out. #startrek #comicbooks #soniahillios

Chuck's Stuff has this Star Trek "These Are The Voyages" 30th anniversary pop-up book for sale on clearance 1996 Pocket Books, 35 bucks new. 11.25"x11.25". 4 main display pages, for the original TV series, movies, Next Generation, w/Deep Space Nine & Voyager combined on the last one. Lenticular color hologram cover of original Enterprise. Last one is still shrink-wrapped, minor corner ding on back. #startrek

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