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    Teenager Post #3477



    • Sable

      Every time... -_- My close friend's boyfriend says that me and my guy best friend should go out in the future because of how well we get along. If only it would actually happen...

    • Annie Treharne

      Teenager Post #3477- The awkward moment... when someone says "you two should go out!" and you're like.... I wish.

    • J E A N E T T E

      Either this or, "Aww! You guys would make such a cute couple!" And It is your best friend saying it about you and your guy friend.

    • Jennifer Wagstaff

      Either this or, "Aww! You guys act like such a cute couple!" And It is your best friend saying it about you and your best guy friend that you have a crush on…ya my life

    • nitashya pickens

      Teenager Post #3477 tell me about it

    • Peyton F.

      Lol my best guy friend!!

    • Bailey Inga

      Teenager post- crush-

    • Allison quann

      Teen Post # 3477.

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