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out of AA? use AAA with foil! Say whAAA t?! The things you learn on pinterest...

In an emergency, a crayon will burn for 30 mins. good to know

Ink Cartridge Life Hack!


Keep the flies away

How to fix a scratched CD with toothpaste, this actually works its amazing.

DIY Filing cabinet makeover - used epoxy to attach cheap 8x10 frames from walmart, painted entire thing using homemade chalk paint in swiss coffee color, then added new hardware and finished it with minwax paste wax to guard against scuffs and scratches.

How to: watch and calculator batteries out of a AA.

Here's a good idea to hide your extra house key - put it in a medicine bottle, glue a pinecone or rock on top, stick the bottle in the yard or planter.

WWHHAATT?!? I've been doing it wrong my entire life?!?

99 Life Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier

Painless way to remove a splinter. Perfect for children. Pour a small amount of white glue on the splinter area. Let it dry completely and peel it off. The splinter will come out as you remove the glue. Wow. Where was this when I was little?

27 Ways to Get More Sh!t Done Quite possibly the most important thing I've ever pinned. Now if I can only remember to print the list...

Orajel for Mosquito Bites- This is a sure fix for mosquito bites. Every time you get bitten by a mosquito, use Orajel or any toothache gel medicine and it works! It stops the itching instantly and will not itch again. It isn't greasy, sticky, or smelly. It's convenient to put right in your pocket :)

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mind blown

Why do I not think of these common sense things??

things you never think of

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How do I not think of some of these things?!