Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch - apparently they photograph all extremely handsome british men in this coat!

benedict cumberbatch <3

I used to wonder what the fuss was about this guy, until I watched Sherlock-Now I get it-Cumberbatch, nuff said!

Oh god! He looks like he need a hug! And for someone to kiss the edge of his lip until he laughs!

This has to be my favorite picture oh him. Those puppy eyes are saying oh darling give me a kiss. XD>>> no you stupid shit they are saying "oh darling your stupidity amuses me"

BabyCrinkleBatch! - Imgur

the grumpy face of adorableness in motion! --- Cute gif ♥ I love the face he…

after "Look Back in Anger".

"Benedict Cumberbatch - I love his smile. It's just so. Look how crinkled his eyes are, you can tell he smiles a lot! (o: Practically joy personified on a human face. I love this man! xoxo" I love this comment so much!

Too good not to post again.

His Icy blue eyes. Cover Story: The Mind-Bending Benedict Cumberbatch

Bennedict Cumberbatch Doppelgänger… WE MUST FIND HIM<<<<He looks almost exactly like him! (Geek Stuff Benedict Cumberbatch)

< ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS IS NOT BEN AS A TEENAGER? Holy crap people really do have legit doppelgängers<--- not everyone I have yet to find my own doppelgänger and one that looks like a homestuck troll named Gamzee

Gorgeous. Utterly gorgeous

Nice pictures today of Benedict arriving to the Sherlock 3 Episode 2 Set today…