Festive Idea ~

Tie cinnamon sticks around your candles. the heated cinnamon makes your house smell amazing.

Apple Candles

Get however many gourds you want. take off the top like u would w/ a pumpkin then take out the goo and put a candle in it. cute!

Centerpiece Idea... Large wood slices with candles (varying heights), let the wax drip on the wood. Wood cut in 2 inch slabs, about 12 inches round.

APPLES as tablecloth weights ~ especially nice for a fall picnic party, when the air is breezy and apples are seasonal and festive. :) @TheDailyBasics love

Fall wedding centerpiece/decorating ideas...carve the first letter of your new last name and put a light inside

Cool idea and really pretty

Whisk candle holders, And you can hang things from the bottom of the whisks to be even more decorative! (use battery tea lights if indoors.) -

Earthy Candle Display

Decoupage pumpkins with fall leaves



Thanksgiving Table

fall candle decor

Great small centerpieces to place down the center of a table.../

pretty fall candles. Love the popcorn for color and texture.

orange candle

Branch Candle Centerpiece from Marty's Musings


Hot glue gun peppermint candles to an unscented or vanilla candle. When the candle is burning, your home will smell like peppermint!