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  • Nora Macon

    Vienna, Austria - #1 on my travel bucket list!

  • Nat

    Vienna, Austria. This grand and opulent capital is an amazing shopping and artistic retreat. The architecture is a marvel, so come visit for the music, the art or the home of the Sacher Tort. #Austria #Travel

  • Helena Ludwig

    Vienna, Austria. The natural history museum.

  • Pakiza Fatima

    Top 10 Most Popular Visited Places In Europe

  • Suzie Swift

    Vienna, Austria. One of my most favorite places.

  • Marjorie Hoofard-Cummings

    historic images | Buildings Wallpapers, Historical Buildings Wallpapers, Desktop ...

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Vienna... The number one place I want to travel to. I'm not sure why... I just have a feeling that I might possibly fall in love.

Riesenrad (Prater), Vienna, Austria = My Darling Daddy SO LOVED Austria & Austrians, that it was one of the great regrets of my life that I was not able to take him back before he died. I hope to get there one day to see why he loved it so.

Alley in Viena, Austria (by Daniel Schwabe on Flickr)

Vienna, Austria. I've actually already been but would love to go during the holiday season for Dutch Christmas cheer. Maybe another year when I'm abroad in Europe again (unlikely)...

Vintage, Antique Lamps in Vienna by Andre

Franz von Assisi, or Jubilee Church, Vienna, Austria. .

Trolley car. Vienna, Austria (1) From: FlickR, please visit