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Solar Tornadoes – Sun Storms – Are they Changing our World? I found this here

How Super-Tornadoes Heat Up Sun's Atmosphere (Infographic) by Karl Tate - Astronomers have puzzled over where the heat comes from to warm the sun’s atmosphere. While its surface is 5,000 º, the atmosphere, or corona, can be millions of degrees hotter. Data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory suggest it could be huge vortices, called solar super-tornadoes, on the sun’s surface that are conducting the heat out to the corona. One of these vortices can be five times as wide as the entire…

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21 Unbelievable Photos That Are Not Photoshopped

Tornado and Rainbow Over Kansas Explanation: The scene might have been considered serene if it weren't for the tornado. Last June in Kansas, storm chaser Eric Nguyen photographed this budding twister in a different light -- the light of a rainbow. Pictured above, a white tornado cloud descends from a dark storm cloud. The Sun, peeking through a clear patch of sky.


Imagine Looking At The Sky And Seeing This Coming At You. That's Exactly What Happened Here.

Imagine Looking At The Sky And Seeing This Coming At You. That's Exactly What…

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Clouds Look Even Better From Space

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork.........Psalm 19:1

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14 Reasons 'Country Living' Loves Fall

Beautiful autumn