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Magazine Cover Mirror

Some people would literally do anything to get onto the front page of a top glossy magazine, in many cases they do but how far would you go in order to get onto the front page of one these great pu…

from ThisIsWhyImBroke

Balloon Lamps

Balloon lights. Neat for a kids room. Look like helloom balloons and the string turns on the light.

I already got one, but detinitely need another one – they are brilliant ::: Allocacoc 4 Travel Plugs PowerCube Power Socket 4 Outlets Two USB Ports Charger Adapter /

from ThisIsWhyImBroke

Mustache Pacifier

Your baby might not be able to grow a full mustache yet, but that is no excuse for leaving his upper lip exposed to the harsh elements. Now, with the mustache pacifier you can give your baby a bold and distinguished look so all the other newborns will fear and respect him.

from ThisIsWhyImBroke

Transparent Pool Table

No bachelor pad should be without one of these transparent pool tables. Modern yet functional, for a small purchase price of only forty six thousand dollars this futuristic billiards table will show off your wealth and fine tastes, or possibly explain your mounting debt issues. Buy It $46,000.00

from The Gadget Island

Assorted Dip Clips

These assorted dip clips easily cling to the rim of your plate and allow to serve veggies or fries with a filled mini bowl ketchup, condiments, dips or sauce. It works with any plate, including paper plates. Price $7.99 (set of 4)

from ThisIsWhyImBroke

LED Temperature Faucet Nozzle

Instantly know the temperature of the water coming out of your faucet with this LED faucet nozzle attachment. Cold water turns the LED blue and hot water turns the LED red - making it perfect for avoiding third degree burns from faucets that spew hot lava.