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    We all know that one bad review can damage the reputation you've worked so hard for over the years. We can help you out! #SozoFirm #reviews #ratings #customer

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    "10 Awkward Situations that Ive Faced As a Foster Parent" foster parenting issues and awareness. The author has clearly been a foster parent longer than I was - but some of these are so spot on.

  • Kimberly Fisher

    The awkward situations that foster parents face are endless. Something about foster parenting makes me cringe almost daily.

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As a foster parent and adoptive parent, I commit to respect my child's birth family. #adptopm #fostercare #birthfamily #respect



Fifteen Effective Play Therapy Techniques

Fifteen Effective Play Therapy Techniques

National Foster Parent Association: Triggers -- Understanding from a Foster Child's Perspective Part 2

Put together a container of items a child can use to practice deep breathing when they're feeling anxious

foster parenting blogs

If it doesn't hurt when they leave, then you haven't done your job.

Gift Ideas for New Foster Parents

Attachment Flipchart graphic by Janina Fisher, PhD

so important to remember with children who have complex issues

my life pdf. good life book idea!

Most children can get in the pod" themselves, applying deep, even pressure to many sensitive areas of the body.

Skweezrs sheets are great for kids who need to calm down at night. Works especially well for children with Autism, PDD, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD and other neurological disorders

Ahhh, my mom read this to all her foster kids... even the teenagers. And they would sit there completely in the story and listen to her read it and wait for her to show them the pictures. Such a good book.

Short Term 12 is an amazing film about the lives of children in foster care.

Wold be really cute in a frame by the door.

Boxes for welcoming foster kids

Multiracial Family Resources

RAD - you think it will go away? Don't know what RAD is? Think if that crazy adoptive parent would just stop hovering, just start letting her kids "be normal" and "do normal things," that everything will be okay? Then read this. And then read some more...because it's spot on.

Absolute truth.