10 Awkward Situations that Ive Faced As a Foster Parent - These are super spot-on {r}

#1: How long will my foster children be with me?

Adoptive Parenting: How It’s Different and Why (basically everything our adoption classes talked about boiled down to a few points- all research based).

Tips for how to be a good foster mom, written by a former foster kid.

So very true

10 Body Safety Rules. I am so sad that this is such a necessary part of parenting :( Wish my kids could stay innocent forever and not tarnished by this disgusting world. #ChildAbusePrevention

10 ideas for connecting with your older kids to keep your relationship healthy, happy, and strong

10 Awkward Situations Faced As a Foster Parent. Yep this pretty much sums it up. I've had to deal with most of these.

Aware Parenting is firmly grounded in Attachment Parenting -- and more!

Family is more than blood! Brittany needs this shirt, and then I'll need it when she carries our next baby! :3 Shoot, I want it now because of Kaylee <3 It's so true <3

Authentic Parenting: Becoming a Foster Parent: How to Make it Work

Foster Parents — Top 10 Things to Make a Foster Child’s First Day Easier

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HAH! ...but seriously.

11 Things I'd Wished I'd Known Before Fostering or Adopting // momlifetoday.com (Could have been written by my daughter.)

Mom Tried It: Intro to Becoming a Foster Parent

Foster Parents — Top 10 Things to Make a Foster Child’s First Day Easier

Christmas tips for foster parents. From the "I was a foster kid" blog.

My Tips for New Foster Parents

Natural & Grey Stripe - Solly Baby Wrap

What I learned about motherhood by being an adoption parent (a guest post on Huffington Post's Mother's Day series)