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  • Tonya LeBlanc

    Robert Pattinson. Yes. I know. And Yes, I am 36. But, I do think he's hot, and not just as Edward (although, I am one of those "Twilight" people). I had the hots for him as Cedric (I'm also one of those "Harry Potter" people). And if you've ever watched him in any interview or meeting any fans, he's adorably down to earth and real. He's got talent, a hot body, sexy eyes and, again, an accent.

  • Jessica A. Parker

    Robert Pattison. go ahead hate me but he's hot xD

  • Kim Tumminello

    Robert Pattison... Major eye candy!

  • Slidely

    Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Robert Pattinson <3 Check out the Slidely we made and create your own! #RobertPattinson #EdwardCullin #Twilight

  • Amanda Delparte

    Beautiful! #eyecandy

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Robert Pattinson....i know i know i hate on twilight, but it's not his fault twilight sucks....he's oddly good looking tho

Rob Pattinson... even if he makes me feel slightly like a dirty old lady... but hey, I'm less than 10 years older than him. I'm not EXACTLY Mrs. Robinson, right? Oh, but I'd love to be Mrs. Rob(Patt)inson... hehehe

I finally decided to watch True Blood...meaning, I fast forwarded through a great deal of each episode....sorry, but I really didn't like most of the characters. however, I may have fallen in love with this man....after he got a haircut, that long hair in the beginning was just weird...really weird.

Robert Pattinson - forgave his girlfriend over her stupid mistake. That takes a strong heart and great character

His just...blehhhhhh, Absolutely no words to describe his perfection

More proof that Rob and I are connected by more than just lust. He plays piano - I play clarinet. It's no coincidence that both were put in this shot. ♥

tousled hair, minimal scruff, silk tie, white shirt with the top button undone.... Yes please!

Robert Pattinson. I'm usually a 'only think you're hot when you're Edward' girl. but... WOW

Robert Pattinson... Oh I just love him

robert pattinson. don't tell your boyfriend he knows how to sing and play the piano, it will give him more reason to not take you to breaking dawn ;)