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This printer is now called Bob Marley because it's always Jammin' hilarious! (Like our school's copiers.)

Lmfao, NEED!

It's just so true!! That awkward moment when you ran up the stairs and now you're trying to hide your heavy breathing like it's no big deal, but you're actually pretty winded and dear God, you need to work out.

Parks and Rec!

notice to all employees


relationship hierarchy chart for life stages

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Periodically, I Find This Funny << WHAS THAT A PUN HAHAJAHAHAHA

Canadian apology...

Can't stop laughing! this made me giggle way too hard lol not good to be laughing with strep throat hahahahaha

Funny Pictures – 38 Pics

Found Face - Happy Creek Face

OMG omg I can't stop laughing bwha hahahahaha

The Devil And The Old Man…

Parks and Rec

Funny Pictures – 39 Pics

Poor Carl

Random Funny Pictures – 50 Pics

so so funny.