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"This is why you marry your bestfriend." Yes!!! I see this all the time in the hospital. Warms my heart and I thank every man that has been with their wife for so long. True love! Most old couples hug me and tells me that I will find the right one some day and deserve to have a good man. :)

The trick is to just keep working at it and expect seasons that aren't great. Marriage, like two rowboats meant to be together, will slowly and subtly drift apart unless you are well anchored. Tying your boats together with the bonds of commitment, togetherness, and well planned love will also help to drift proof your marriage. We try to read books on romance,marriage ,go to marriage retreats when we can. We aren't taught in our culture how to be married and it's a shame.

So true. We will always care for each other through the good, the bad, and the uglt. That's what true love is♡

So sister is my person! Our times of laughter are the best!!

It's the little things like a kiss on the hand while driving that let me know you care!

This is so true. The person you fall in love with is somebody who is comfortable with what you do and what happens and understands if a time has come to change stages a little c:

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Missouri Wedding from The Parsons

I like to think of this as a quote about marriage. It's just too easy to throw in the towel. The hard part is hanging on when it's hardest to do so.

Marriage isn't just about a great wedding, it's about forever :) I love seeing old people in love

I've always dreamed of this... Also, it would be great if Christendom had secret tunnels from the library to the dorms to the chapel to the gym to the chapel... :)