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This Wonderfully Haunting Artwork Will Make You Question Love And Death

The words like praying doesn't mean someone standing in front of God and pray. Praying literally means, saying things to yourself. There is a God in everyone, remember that one first. I am just making a literal translation of Tamil to English. Some words like wishing, cursing etc only take the connotative meaning. If you keep saying a thing within the heart, still the negative energy will be generated and stab my heart.

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i can't do what i really really want to do as a career (dance) because my parents say it's not practical.

This is the exact layout of my bedroom! Complete with tray ceiling, fan, and cherry sleigh bed! Nice to find some inspiriation using what I already have!

Met one of my favorite families at Wheeler Farm to do some big old extended family pictures. Always such fun, right? haha I know getting everyone together can be quite stressful but I try my best to make it an enjoyable and fun experience for everyone.Kerri raised 6 boys and they've all turned in…

All couture items & some others price drop

ALL COUTURE ITEMS & SOME OTHERS PRICE DROP I have way more stuff than I ever thought I had & I need to get rid of things so I'm making some major price drops on some of the Couture items. The matchbox Chanel heels are vintage, true vintage Chanel. The jacket is amazing all the pieces are just like w my jewelry if you read my reviews the pix don't do these pieces justice. So I'm going to make major price drops I am excepting a lot of offers. I desperately need room so please don't think your…