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A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens; Illustrated by John Leech One of six beloved Christmas classics in collectible hardcover editions First published on December A Ch

Christmas Activities Non-Fiction Close Reading "Defending Scrooge?"

What's Christmas with out Dicken's classic "A Christmas Carol"? These close reads will examine two different perspectives on the character of Scrooge, and whether he was truly a villian or a practical genius. Students analyze these two different opininions, while understanding the basics of analyzing the rhetorical situation, mood and tone, and author's purpose and point of view within nonfiction texts.

Secondary Sara

Click here for free and cheap lessons, units, and activities for an ELA Christmas! Get "The Gift of the Magi", A Christmas Carol, Non-fiction article lessons, and creative writing prompts!

A christmas carol literature guide, reading, writing, pop up flip book

A Christmas Carol

Dickens' Ghost of Christmas Future is scary, as your student will discover in this worksheet for "A Christmas Carol.According to the website, the worksheet is great practice for Common Core Standard for Craft and Structure for middle school students. Free illustrated printable.

A Christmas Carol: Non-Fiction Reading Activity

$- A Christmas Carol non-fiction reading activity! 2-day lesson includes articles about charity, donations, and whether or not modern society has truly learned Scrooge's lesson!

"A Christmas Carol" - Stave Study Guide

"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens... Student study guide for all five staves!!! (Must Download for my middle school students this holiday students for ELA)

A Christmas Carol Unit: Complete Novel Study

A Christmas Carol Unit | Activities and Lessons | Middle and high school | Grades 7-12 | Charles Dickens

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