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I'm getting a white bird tattoo (after Isabella Bird) soon... probably along the lines of the bottom one and on my inner-upper arm...

I don't usually like tattoos... they're too bold and... you know. This is lovely! Butterfat Tattoo, Esther Garcia, Blue Tits, Forsythia

The full quote is “When you have lost hope you have lost everything. But when all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope” This quote has come to mean a lot to me, because it helps me remember to never give up on the things I want, and to keep striving for my dreams. I had the artist incorporate a subtle infinite sign as well. F*ck Yeah Tattoos

finally got my infinity tattoo with a little bit of courage =]

the owner says "It is a compilation of pieces from my favourite artist Conrad Roset. It was originally a watercolour so transferring it to tattoo form was quite hard and a massive thanks goes out to my tattoo artist Steli at Barry Louivaine’s House of Living Art in London for his time and skill."

fabik: georginas first session for her alfons mucha.. quite a big piece for the first time, but she was brave ;)

...which is exactly what I'm presuming this person was doing when they got this tattoo. #ThinkPeople

by BlackSkullTattoo (Zabrze, Poland)

if I were ever going to get a tattoo, something like this would be enticing.

Antecubital space (inside elbow) tattoo by Guyletatooer

James Jean tattoo - i adore this painting - & as a tattoo, ooooh! its love.