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Hogwarts School Song I love how the first thing I think of when I see tho is how Fred and George are the last ones singing to a slow funeral march. But that makes me sad because then I think of Fred.

As we watch another agonizing attempt to shift the future of health care in the United States, we are reminded of the longevity of this crisis, and how firmly entrenched we are in a system that doesn'

Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers (Contemporary Classics) Barbara Ehrenreich, Deirdre English, 2010

I pinned this because... Harry Potter

Harry Potter Series - Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy - Drarry

I'm laughing so hard! This is so funny :)

"He represents chaos" is the CREEPIEST thing I've heard of a little girl saying. Reminds me of the girl from Poltergeist and the twin girls from The Shining.

I actually think it was because they understood that Harry lacked a father figure and missed Sirius terribly, and thought that being a guardian instead of a ward would help him heal.

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"So basically the movie makers knew that we had all been traumatized by pink." Wow, now that makes sense.

Awww :(

Harry Potter Fact this is actually in the movie it is soooo sad