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Lemur fight!

Some background on the photo: Lemur Kingdom tracks the lives of two neighboring gangs of ringtail lemurs in the beautiful protected reserve of Berenty in southeast Madagascar.


A close-up picture from the ground to a very curious baby Ring-Tailed Lemur.

Ring-tailed lemurs at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire woke up from a nap and decided to work off a bit of energy in a play fight

Animal acrobatics: The natural world shows off its ninja moves with spectacular displays of agility

These ring-tailed lemurs, red-eyed tree frogs and even a domestic cat show exactly how to deal with an animal opponent.

Red-collared brown lemur or red-collared lemur by Fred Hsu

Collared brown lemur (Eulemur collaris), also known as the red-collared brown lemur or red-collared lemur, is a medium-sized strepsirrhine primate and one of twelve species of brown lemur in the Lemuridae family.


And the medal for turtle-jumping goes to... the fluffy ring-tailed lemur

And the medal for turtle-jumping goes to. the fluffy ring-tailed lemur

A dog nose is cold and scary

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