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Hidden History of Western North Carolina Mountains (Paperback)

Buried deep within the hills and hollers of North Carolina's majestic Appalachian Mountains are stories, traditions and a proud cultural heritage unlike any other. Hidden History of the Western North

Beale Street - 1920 - Beale street was named after a forgotten hero of the Mexican-American War. Indeed, the original name was Beal Avenue - without an "e". Over the years, in legend and in song, an "e" was added. Although everyone referred to it as Beale Street, it wasn't until the late 1950's, with a "push" from entertainer Danny Thomas, that the "Avenue" was officially changed to "Street."

midsouthmemories: This rare photo depicts a parade for W. C. Handy along Beale Street during the dedication of Handy Park in 1931. It’s rather remarkable because it shows 3 Beale Theatres - The Palace at 324 Beale, The Grand at 330-32 Beale, and the New Grand-(Metropolitan-Venus at 336 Beale. The Grand and New Grand were demolished around 1940 to build the @NewDaisyTheatre. @BealeStreetMphs @WCHandy #Memphis #Tennessee #History Source: