Historic Memphis Beale Street. Every high school girl in town had pictures made at The Blue Light at least once. Six high quality black and whites for $5.00.

The great Britling Cafeteria in Memphis circa 1950s

Historic Memphis Cobblestone Landing and Riverfront. 3 Steamers. 1900


Beale Street, Memphis ~ 1950´s

Lovely streets of Monschau, Eifel, Germany - walking through villages like this was so surreal. I loved it. So much history...

Memphis in May

Crossroad sign in Clarksdale, MS. Gorgeous!

Capitol St, Charleston, WV.

Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee.

Beale st

Memphis, TN

Royal Street, New Orleans

Beale Street

Beale Street - Memphis, TN

The South's Tastiest Towns 2013 | Memphis, TN | SouthernLiving.com

Trolley on Main Street

Beale Street, Memphis | Tennessee Department of Tourist Development News Bureau

Memphis... ✌