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South and North Korea, you should stop fighting, because you are both Japanese. Sarah Palin

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North Korea threatens to nuke the US. Meanwhile, in Canada...

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i guess i have tog get a board for the Big Bang Theory


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think about it! They're human beings and deserve rights... how does it hurt someone else or take anything away from anyone else...I mean a person does NOT choose to be gay right... why would anyone voluntarily make their life more difficult? And it was either Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert who said that the way to fix our economy? Two words ...Gay Weddings:-) Totally :-)!....

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No you may not "Axe" me a question. i don't speak Wal-Mart.

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How to piss off a toad



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Love Tim Gunn. Can't read this without hearing his voice in my head.

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Best ever.

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One of my favorites from Whose Line!

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I'm impressed. They keep surprising with their sick and twisted minds. If like myself, you're not sure if he really did say that, go to:

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How to :: catch a Canadian.

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haha you ARE stupid. Ecard humor funny laugh


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Oh God. I laughed so hard!!!

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"Your crazy is showing. You might want to tuck that back in."

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It's a ratchet

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Carmen Salgado

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Funny Friendship Ecard: Keep you as a friend after what you did? I'd rather shit into my hands and clap!

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Just For Gags Collections: Bastille Day - Paris the 14th of July 2013Photo tooked at the champs de mars in Paris during the fireworks of the Bastille day.many people was taking pictures of the eiffel tower so I tought that it will be funnny and different if I capture that in a this way.Hope you'll like it !MahdiUpdate - mahdiaridjphotogr...