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Still not as bad stepping on a LEGO, but yeah, this kind of pain is up there for sure!

Meanwhile Somewhere In The South (found this on the 'popular' category on pinterest and noticed that that phone number looked familiar.. then realized this was in Effingham..)

perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I bring one pack of gum and its gone no joke by the end of the day, and I only eat one peice more funny pics on facebook:

42 degrees Celsius yesterday with the humidity in Ottawa..... This is for all the Ontarians out there!

The origin of cow licks... I once made the mistake of referencing cow licks to a group of Japanese ladies who had never heard the expression before or even met a cow. That was awkward. LOL

Why do stupid things like this make me laugh so!? haha

I said this to Pat the other night and his response was "I'm pretty sure you didn't actually find that funny..."

YES! WTH is with all the nail crap!!!

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Things to love about the South. This is why I will live there one day!