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Damn right! Don't mess with my kids, or you will see a whole different kinda Crazy! ;}

It's simple. Don't mess with my kids, husband or my family. Trust me! I'm one woman YOU don't want to cross! Cause you have NO idea.

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

21 Kids Who Sold Out Their Parents

This is hilarious.

They say you'll love your own though?!! (Yes - you will and do love your own but other peoples kids can drive you to insanity!)

Baby Noah at his first birthday. Looks just like daddy Sam! Touch my cake and I will CUT YOU!


One part wasn’t enough…

Too funny!

I'm dying

I'm dying

I'm dying

Kids. ( I TRY to remember this.) I know I complain about the mess my kids make at times but it's true it will be gone someday and though I think I won't miss the mess, in an ironic way I will. I'll miss the memories and miss the presence of having my kids at home. They grow up so fast!


Mind officially blown…

Mind blown.