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art and peace

designed by Ben Shahn: illustrated by Ben Shahn

by stephanie ledoux

Animal Skull Art… i usually hate the dead animals on the wall thing but these are cool

a friendly giraffe

Abstract 156 - Original Modern Textured Abstract Painting 8"x31" Landscape Painting, Ready to Hang. $180.00, via Etsy.

Big Pink Flower - andrea_daquino on Flickr

905 by shelley lane on Flickr.

Kelly Vivanco

anti-war poster from 1968

LOVE aaron kraten mixed media paintings



neon colors I want my room to look like this

Peace and Flower Power


Peace & Love

global family day ~ (one day of peace & sharing) is celebrated every january 1 in the United States & around the world as a global day of peace & sharing. it is a day where individuals & families share food with friends (especially the needy), make personal pledges of nonviolence & spread a message of peace & sharing by ringing bells or beating a drum in hopes of making society & the world a safer place to live.