Yellow Daisies - remind me of my mum's shop. She grew tonnes of these

Three Yellow Daisies Photograph by Garry Gay - Three Yellow Daisies Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

I can remember. Laying in a field like this for hours in the summer when I was younger....

Could run around in a sunflower field all day! I look to the simplicity of a sunflower. It grows, standing tall and constantly looks up to the sun, its source of like. It does not sway, its roots are firm beneath the ground.

Sunflower Macro.  Could go oin my Patterns board too.

Sunflowers have tiny flowers which provide pollen and nectar to bees. Native to the US, they are easy to grow, require very little water, and are great wholesome food for bees! For the pattern

Garimpando Imagens

Pink rose, foxglove and other shades of pink garden flowers. Love the lady beetles, de douce Geneviève

♥ Sunflowers  ♥ღ

I love sunflowers. When I get my farm house I will have a whole field of them in my back yard