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So true....I can't get a pedicure, first...cuz it's so embarrassing to show them my feet (especially when someone is sitting next to me), and second cuz I need the skin on balls of my feet! They still don't understand me lol!

You never know when someone might ask you to break out in a dance...

Hmm... then whey does it take my kid so long to get dressed for school. :)

hahahahha actually counted like this during my daughter's delivery and the doctors and nurses were laughing...they thought i was going to break out into a dance any second...♥

And every single roommate looks at me funny when I'm dancing to the music in my head while waiting for something to cook. Honestly, it beats just standing there...

haha... well not with a torn ACL at the moment, but soon, very soon...

Today in class my teacher told me to write down things I couldn't do, that wenren't obvious like, jump as high as the moon. I left it blank, because what I can't do today, if I try hard enough I may be able to do tomorrow. True story (:

I got this as a card from an "Aunt" when I graduated high school, and I've never forgotten that.

another pointing the toes thing haha #dance

Except I haven't been on pointe in 10 years so its tap, jazz, contemporary and ballroom for me! :-)

"Dance is music made visible" I can't dance, but this is why I love to watch it- I am a visual person and music means much more to me when I can "see" it.