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Christmas card all-around flag garland

Christmas Card Portraits

Christmas Card Ornaments

Christmas Clothepin Card Holder

Bind together holiday, new baby, any kind of cards like a scrapbook! I absolutely love this idea because I love saving cards but they just get thrown in a pile. This is such a cute idea! :)

Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

DIY Christmas Wreath

Water Bottle Poinsettia Garland

Pine cone Christmas tree

With simple household items, you can transform the holiday cards of the past into Christmas decorations of the present -- and create your family's own little recycling center in the process. -- Text isn't mine; credit to the original poster! I think the idea of covering a Christmas tree in reminders of family and friends is a beautiful tradition to begin.

Lovely Christmas card

decorating for Christmas -- the prettiest holiday decor -- actually good for all year 'round

Jack and Sally The Nightmare Before Christmas Perler Bead Sprite Art by SDKD

Red Christmas candles for Valentine’s

Christmas Decorating DIY Projects: Create a beautiful garland out of colorful ornaments by simply looping ribbon through the ornaments. I love how "chunky" this garland looks. And those colors!

Lighted Outdoor Christmas Baskets

How to Make ~~ those GREAT big Light Balls you see in trees during Christmas!! Charlotte,NC - SavorNC Magazine

Beach Flip Flop Card -

Wonderful Mother Goose card by Nichola!

DIY~step-by-step instructions for Flying Home 3 Bracelet

spindle snowmen. spindles are $3 at lowes. :) love these!