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  • Johanna Zalopany

    what a great idea! such a time saver for birthday parties- scoop the ice cream into lined cupcake pans & put them in the freezer. then just pull them out when you cut the cake & serve!( i LOVE THIS BECAUSE I HATE SCOOPING ICECREAM FOR 20 PEOPLE!)

  • Susan Brownworth

    Kids' Party Idea: Scoop ice cream into baking cups before the party and put in the freezer. When cake is served bring out the pre-made scoops. This is genius! And such a time saver.

  • Beth Trumps

    Such a time saver for birthday parties- scoop ice cream into cupcake liners pans and put them in the freezer. Then just pull them out when you cut the cake & serve!

  • Amy Garrigan

    Time saver for parties. Scoop ice cream into a cupcake liner in a muffin tin, refreeze and then pull out to serve when it's time for cake.

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