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    Pebble Smartwatch Update Adds Gmail Notifications And More - The new Pebble update brings with it Gogole Gmail and other IMAP account notifications to your wrist, expanding on the previously limited email settings that were restricted to just the Apple iOS 6 mail client. | Geeky Gadgets

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    Pebble watch connects to iPhone and Android apps

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    Pebble Watch - The first smart watch that you actually WANT to wear! #pebble #watch #beautiful #iphone #android

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    pebblesmartwatch The $150 wearable gizmo acts as a satellite for your iPhone or Android handset, receiving snippets such as text-message notifications via Bluetooth and displaying them on its power-efficient E Ink display. Third-party developers can write programs to let it do everything from playing games to tracking your fitness. Did we mention that it tells time?

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Pebble e-paper Watch (iphone & android). I'm not normally a watch person, but this thing is amazing. Dismiss a notification with a shake of your wrist. Don't worry, it's easy to disable all notifications. Incoming Caller ID Email (Gmail or any IMAP email account) Calendar Alerts Facebook Messages Twitter Weather Alerts Silent vibrating alarm and timer

Pebble Time for people who want to be able to use/see their watch while they are outside.

Smartwatch: el nuevo reloj con Android | Conexión Brando

$19.95 @Frankie Law your dad is interested in it and asked me how much is it so simple yet one of the best designs I've seen for iPhone docks thus far”

i will be getting this when it comes out later this year. The watch syncs with your phone via Bluetooth and shows calls, texts, email, and runs a bunch of different apps. SO COOL!

Cube: Home for your iPhone+Android. by KCI, via Kickstarter.

Peanuts iPhone Case. PEANUTS IPHONE CASE!

Iphone video projector a really cool idea for those who live with their iphone, iphones are becoming even more multi functional, soon we wont need any extras as the ihpone will do it all. this also charges whilst projecting which is a big help.