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    A bird feeder made from a slinky and a vinyl-coated wire forms a wreath to hold peanuts.

    Make this peanut wreath feeder with a Slinky and a few basic supplies. Get the how-to on the Birds & Blooms Blog!

    Easy Oriole Feeder It doesn't get any easier than this one. And the colorful birds it attracts will amaze you!

    So clever!

    How to make a recycled soda bottle bird feeder from the book Build Your Own Backyard Birdhouses and Feeders #recycledcrafts

    Orange Bird Feeder: 1 orange; 4 pieces of string cut into 24″ lengths; bird seed ~ With a sharp knife, cut the orange in half and scoop out the flesh. Pierce 4 small holes on opposite sides, about 1/2″ from the top edge of each half . Thread one piece of twine through a hole, and out the opposite end. Repeat with the second piece of twine in the remaining holes. Gather the ends together and tie in a knot. Repeat with the other half. Fill with bird seed and hang from sturdy branches outside.

    A Mason jar bird feeder!

    Upcycle DIY Bird Feeder

    Place scraps of yarn in a suet feeder and birds will use them to make their nests.

    Covered Bridge Bird Feeder | Red Bird Feeder | Platform Feeder -- from

    Five Steps to Feeding Hummingbirds in Your Hand | Birds & Blooms

    How to make a stone birdhouse at

    Coat old toilet paper / paper towel rolls in peanut butter, roll in birdseed, and slip onto a tree branch to make easy little bird feeders!

    Creative Bird Feeder!

    birdseed + gelatin = birdseed wreaths (or other shapes)

    Jeanne Sammons's easy seed wreath attracts a woodpecker. All you need is a bundt or ring pan, Knox gelatin and ....birdseed! Fun!

    So cute!

    Great idea! Recycle tin cans into bird feeders

    OMG i want one now!!!! love this!

    Fruit Feeder: Use halved apples, oranges, grapefruit or pears Comes with built-in hanger Small, decorative ceramic bird on top Can be used all year round Orioles, scarlet tanagers, mockingbirds, grosbeaks and other fruit-lovers will flock to this simple yet clever "kabob-style" birdfeeder. Simply place halved oranges, apple, pear or grapefruit on the skewer and hang.

    Hanging Teacup Birdfeeder--Recycled Garden Coffee Cup-Summer Citrus