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La imagen del día es evidente: ¿Qué hacen los monos?...pues monerías.

Animals In Action! Amazing pictures show the animals in action - sometimes funny, sometimes sweet and sometimes dangerous .Amazing pictures show the animals in action - sometimes funny, sometimes sweet and sometimes dangerous .


If your kids love deer- they will love seeing many of these creatures on Miyajima island - just don't try to eat anything (or read a map or do any coloring on paper around them as they eat anything resembling food ;) this is such a sweet shot: deer love

Let me frame this shot for you.  Google+

Funny pictures about Teenage photographers. Oh, and cool pics about Teenage photographers. Also, Teenage photographers photos.

I want a Koalafication pleaseeeee

Koala napping in a eucalyptus tree - Awww . the cuteness just melts you

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✯Mountain Goats searching for a shot of salt. The goats come from miles around to ingest a solution of various mineral salts seeping from the cliff known as Walton Goat Lick in the Glacier National Park, Montana, USA.

I did not know that crocogaters could do this. I do not like knowing that they can do this.

The 25 Happiest Animals In The World -- it's silly things like this that make me laugh and make my day. One happy alligator!

Photograph Oh no, not again! by Marsel van Oosten on 500px

Japanese macaques (macaca fuscata), also known as snow monkeys, like to bathe in the warm water of the natural hot springs. With outside temperatures below freezing and a constant water temperature of who can blame them? by Marsel van Oosten

"Chip Shot"

Here are some natural photographs taken at the right time showing the cute, lovable funny animals, making lovely activities with the photographers.

Белочка фотомодель

I’m ready for my close-up! Inquisitive red squirrel investigates photographer’s camera

This is the best. Why doesn't anything like this ever happen to me?

Hey everybody wants a photo!

We often see photographs of wildlife or of photographers taking pictures of wildlife. But what about wildlife photographers? That is, animals taking pictures?

Amazing Photography Without Photoshop (33 Pics)

I'm Mad At You - Folded Arm Frog ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor

Votre chat n'en fait pas partie.

28 photos d'animaux qui aiment les photographes animaliers

The Animal Blog

Here’s one cub reporter who could bearly contain herself as she watched a wildlife photographer at work. As Dean Swartz took pictures of a black bear family in Minnesota, America, he noticed one.

This has happened to me before at the aquarium. Disconcerting to say the least!

In this picture a child is frightened of a menacing polar bear pressed against the glass. "Me bear, you food" the bear says. He then proceeds to break the glass.