Exactly...they aren't just trashy

Why intelligent people have tattooing

Nope. Pretty sure it's also an addiction.

very true


i actually love this

Grandma does not approve of your Mario Brothers-inspired full sleeve. But it's a different time now, things have changed, and people can show their love for classic video games in their own unique way. Still, if you want to stay in the will you should probably show a little respect. (Besides, this shirt will probably outlast Grammy...)

True story!

someone please...

yesssss, and the buzz.

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Keep Calm And Get Tattooed :D

Sugarland's Take Me as I Am. "He's yelling about my tattoos; but we all live with the scars we choose. They might hurt like hell but they all make us stronger."


"The quote was said to me two years ago, by a nurse at the hospital after I had attempted suicide. As I was getting discharged, she said, “it doesn’t get better; you just get better at handling it”. I paused for a moment, as her words really spoke to me. It’s true, because everyone always says “it gets better” and it doesn’t. You wait for it to get better..." via girls with tattoos tumblr

no regrets

new tattoo care. Great tutorial


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