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For most of us relationships don't just happen... they take work. Do you know the signs of a healthy relationship and if you're on the right track?

Create your own book of reasons why you love someone. Each page lists a single reason and custom characters to illustrate the page. Unlimited pages for one low price.

quick things to do in the morning to wake up happier

Happy 6 yrs to an Amazing man, BFF, Step Dad etc! We've had our fair share of ups downs, trials, been thru more emotional health problems than most married couples deal with in a lifetime. Lost Children both born and unborn. Poverty. You've survived War although we are both 100% disabled at young ages, We are Stronger than ever! You cant buy the happiness we share! I love you to the moon back. To infinity beyond, then after that !!! 7/11/08

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How to Give Generously When You Don't Have a Dime ~ you don't have to have a lot of money to be generous! I'll give you a list of ways to be generous starting today. littlegirldesigns... #gifts #handmadegifts

Probably one of the most ingenious products I've ever seen: an undies pouch! Yes, you read that right! This pouch is designed to store 3-6 bras and 4-6 undies within the compartments. There's a detachable zipper pouch to store undies waiting to be thrown into the laundry. There's also a pocket on the side for other lady essentials too. This is also super handy for traveling as I can pack all my essentials in the pouch and just toss it into the luggage. This is available at!

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60 New Uses For Everyday Items : such as this tip to use a fabric softener sheet to remover tough soap scum AND water spots!

Improve Your Motor Skills: If you brush your teeth (and other small tasks) with the wrong hand, you force the brain to work differently. Your self control with improve. – life hacks #1792 via 1000 Life Hacks

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Love love mason jars!

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