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Hell is a place on earth We enjoy good photography and uninspirational quotes. Ironically and absurdly relaxing as the world can wait. #photography #typography #quotes #lifestyle #blackandwhite

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Other People Are Not the Problem. (Rebelle Society)

"The Subway is much more efficient then running on foot."

silenced by money- garment inspiration picture of the silent protest organized by Occupy Boise, part of the Occupy Wall Street gatherings. Today they are taping $1 over their mouths to symbolize how the 1% have silenced the other 99% in the USA. They also say the $1 is one dollar more than the Bank of America has paid in taxes

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Day in pictures: 3 November 2011


\\Standing up for what you believe in is the best thing to do. Wether you rebel, or start a riot. It's all the same thing. And we're only living the life we want. Rebel. Riot. Believe what you want. Mind set. Mind craze.//

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Violent clashes in Kiev - in pictures

Protesters throw molotov cocktails at the riot police. Kiev

When we kissed for the first time that night on Bikini Atoll it was like the sky lit up just for us. Our skin has peeled away since then.. But the memory of that nuclear night is forever burned into our minds.