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    Alarming 'Ring' concept vibrates finger to wake you up -- Engadget

    Pretty neat! I want one! NEW HDMI Pocket Projector For movies, videos, presentations, and games. Go big with our pocket-sized HDMI projector. Projects up to 1080p HD images up to 60" diagonal Rechargeable and portable Connects via HDMI to most smartphones, tablets, computers, video players, cameras and more* Mega-bright LED lamp projects up to 85 lumens for up to 2 hours on a single charge Dual built-in speakers and focus control Rechargeable 3800mAh battery doubles as a USB...

    These headphones scan your brain and play music to match your mood. mico - brainwave controlled headphones by neurowear

    iRing - One Ring to Rule Them All

    The Ring Clock Helps You Keep The Sands Of Time In Your Hands - great product design.

    CAMERing Takes Stealthy Photography to the Next Level

    wow! Revolutionary Scuba Mask Creates Breathable Oxygen Underwater On Its Own - The Mind Unleashed -- awesome!

    Alarm pillow. Gently vibrates you awake.

    Snooze Bar for iPhone 5/ 5C/ 5S

    so cool!

    Very neat

    digital highlighter!! Goes right to your computer.OMG!!

    Pancake Party!

    Sign-Language Ring Translates Hand Movements Into Spoken Words

    StickNFind Bluetooth stickers let you tag and locate your goods with a smartphone

    Honda's Miimo robotic lawn mower beats the heat, won't pour your lemonade.

    Bluetooth Bulb lets you switch on, time, dim and color your lighting with your phone

    Whaaaat? So very cool :) (Orange's Solar Concept Tent)

    Daka Designs Pin Clock. As a kid, I remember playing with those 3D Pin Art toys. You know, the rectangular-shaped toy with metal pins, and if you pushed on those metal pins with your hand, face, or another object, they would create impressions? Well, Daka Designs decided to take that same idea and transform it into a functioning clock. The Pin Clock contains 3,000 pins that lift and retract to display the hour and minutes.

    This would be perfect for me...