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finger guard! so smart!

This stainless steel finger guard is a must have tool for any kitchen. Protect your fingers while chopping up your favorite vegetables.

A hair brush with a built-in compartment

I had one of these as a kid, but the storage compartment was in the handle. ALWAYS have a hair tie & bobby pins! Storage in the hairbrush. So smart.

Creative Product Design- smart fridge shopping list

SmartShopper 301 Grocery List Organizer - The voice-activated grocery list organizer that records, sorts, and prints your list. No more forgetting things! Just tell SmartShopper 301 what you need, press print, and go get it!

i want this so bad

Asking for this for Christmas! (would be a great stocking stuffer!) camera that prints real photos like a polaroid!

Finally! A whisk that let's you wash it properly! Instead of getting batter all stuck at the top!

Joseph Joseph Twist is a clever Whisk. Give it a twist to transform it from a flat whisk into a balloon whisk. It also dismantles for easy cleaning.

Batter dispenser

Baking just got easier with this awesome cake batter dispenser! It allows you to divide your mix into equal portions which will ensure even baking and perfect sizes. This mess-free gadget can also be used for pancakes and waffles.

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No more spilled drinks at my desk! New Home Office Drink Cup Coffee Holder Clip Desk Table By Buyinconis: Everything Else brilliant!

www.stainlesssteeltile.com likes this idea! ❧ Little Pot Guard critters prevent overflows....would make great stocking stuffers!

Little Pot Guard Critters: More Cute Ways To Let Off Steam!

Little Pot Guard critters prevent boil overs. Love the cute little hedgehog - first hedgehog in my kitchen!

Oh Cool!  Decomat Kit  - Create fancy designs in chocolate to top off your cakes, cupcakes and desserts.

Decomat Kit

Drawing swirls, dots and fancy designs on top of cupcakes and desserts just got easier with the Baked Goods Deco Kit. Simply pick out a stencil design and place the baking sheet on top, fill the decor

5. Easy Ironing Board

E-Board (Easy Board) Ironing Board by Mohsen Jafari Malek. I might actually iron if I had this!