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Oh your such a BITCH, standing up for yourself and defending your husband from the deluded stalker that pursues him... TIME FOR A REALITY CHECK.... He pursued her, portraying his personality and a vision of reality that was fictitious, if she is deluded its because she believed....she sees him now for what he is.... She doesn't want him, all she is doing is asking the same damn question she has been asking for the past 5 months ....Why?

And it's all my kids fault because they are in the bathroom with me in the morning talking, fighting, & trying to put make up on themselves!! Very distracting and causes this mishap!!!

took that words right out of my mouth! @Sara MacDonald good lord, these ecards explain our thoughts on an everyday basis

Anyone know when Pinterest is sending us our W-2's? #ecard #humor #funny #ecards

Knowing i don't have to lie! You're such a failure! laugh at me all you want. My husband didn't have to think or confess of thinking of another woman just to get it up with you for 20 years, My kids aren't criminals .. they learn from seeing. you tough them your trade well ;) you think you're so good being a terrorist cyber bitch? in the end you're the funniest joke of all. :P

#humor #trash, load it with bricks, and dump far out into the an ocean. but the guy I' dating now, took the boat out for a while.